EBRC explains the new declaration of ethics in engineering research

In the declarationthe organization states that practitioners of engineering biology must:

  • Seek to create products or processes that benefit people, society or the environment
  • Examine and weigh the benefits of research against the potential harms
  • Incorporate equity and justice into the selection and implementation of bioengineering education, research, development, policy and commercialization
  • Seek open dissemination of research and development results at an early stage
  • Protect the rights of individuals associated with bioengineering, including researchers’ freedom of inquiry and the free and informed consent of research participants
  • Support open communication between bioengineering researchers and stakeholders potentially affected by the research, development and deployment of new technologies

In the article, the authors call on members of the scientific community to put the principles of the statement into practice and help build consensus around ethical issues in the field.

EBRC is a not-for-profit public-private partnership dedicated to bringing together an inclusive community committed to advancing engineering biology to meet national and global needs.

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