Declaration of Research> Dr. Fengzhu Sun> USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Interest research: Metagenomics, Statistical Genetics, Mathematical Modeling and Computational Biology.

The main objective is to develop mathematical, statistical and computer tools to solve biological problems.

My current research interests are in metagenomics and molecular sequence analysis. We collaborate with molecular ecologists and clinicians to study microbial organisms and their abundance levels in microbial communities and their impact on community functioning and public health. We are also developing computational methods to study the relationships between molecular sequences and microbial communities.

Previously, we have developed mathematical and statistical tools to locate genetic mutations responsible for diseases or complex traits, and to understand molecular functions combining different information such as protein-protein interactions, gene expression and regulatory elements.

Our main achievements include: 1) identification of bacteriophages and phage-host interactions in metagenomes, 2) comparison of genome and metagenome without alignment using d2 * and d2s, 3) association networks in microbial communities using local similarity analysis (LSA), 4) dynamic programming algorithms for haplotype block partitioning and tagSNP selection and their applications to association studies, 5) approaches integrated for the prediction of protein function, the prediction of domain interactions and pathway inference; and 6) integrated approaches for the identification of disease genes.